Global Sports Star NFT Trading Platform
Fan2Go Opens a New Chapter

Sports stars around the world, major scenes
,and goods from famous professional teams.
NFT minting of the most valuable product in the sports market
A platform that provides asset value beyond the collection value.

Fan2Go business, globally expanding right noww!


globally expanding through Global NFT platforms


globally expanding through Global NFT platforms


globally expanding through Global NFT platforms


globally expanding through Global NFT platforms


globally expanding through Global NFT platforms


People have always been passionate about sports, love to own collectibles
,and want to feel a sense of belonging to their sports heroes and teams.
In response to these market demands and fans' dreams, we build a sports-specific NFT platform.
An unforgettable match, sports stars loved by the world, and a sports team with huge fans
Now, instead of disappearing after seeing it on TV,
it can be kept forever as an NFT work that has the same vitality as the real thing.
From the satisfaction of owning wonderful NFT works to generating profits through transactions with global users.

We aim to dominate the market with NFTs that contain everyone's aspirations for sports.

Fan2GO Blockchain Systems

NFTs for the fan community means that anyone should be able to search, purchase, and store them safely in real time.

ERC20 blockchain technology introduced by FanTogo facilitates the creation, production,
management, sale, storage, and transaction of NFTs in the most stable manner.
Individuals who create their own NFTs, A sports marketing agent
that produces and distributes valuable NFTs, Global users who trade NFTs…

Blockchain's transparent and secure data storage, transaction tracking, and automatic ownership
and resale guarantees make it the most valuable and secure sports NFT trading platform.


Fan2Go NFT Rarity Composition



We release well-known general
star games, merchandise products,
jerseys, etc. through NFT.



Stadium scenes, championship scenes,
goods products, autographs, etc.
of stars who have a strong fan base
among sportsstars are
provided with higher value NFTs.



We select the top 10% of the world's
most recognized sports stars and provide
stadium scenes, signatures, goods, and
scoring scenes as NFTs
with more colorful designs.



We commercialize NFTs of sportsstars
who have the top 1% awareness and fan base. Storage itself is a Legend class that
leads directly to financial technology.

Fan2GO Coin

Success or failure of the business depends on securing the portrait rights
and NFT rights of the sports stars. With the liquidity and funds secured
through listing, we prepare for the production of famous
sports stars in the early stages of our business.

Coin name : Fan2GO
Protocol : ERC20
Symbol : FNTG
Total supply : 200,000,000
  • Coin Sale 20%
  • Purchase of Sports Star Portrait Rights 20%
  • Sports player’s portrait rights cost 20%
  • Legal advice 5%
  • Platform development 15%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Team 10%
  • Total : 100% /200,000,000

Fan2Go Roadmap

Contact US


CEO | Song myung sun phone070-8018-4972(월~금 9시~6시) address50, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea